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The MACH1 slide was designed for customers wanting a “Less is More” type of design.  The awesome looking 45 degree sharp serrations provide outstanding slide manipulation as well as a unique look. Red Dot Optic machining options are available at no extra charge.

All KAB slides begin as a solid piece of 17-4 PH stainless steel hardened to condition H900 (average 44 HRC). The material is machined into a fully functional slide blank using a high quality CNC 5 axis machining center and a 6 axis wire EDM. The slide blank is put through strict quality control procedures which include utilizing our CNC coordinate measuring machine with probe tree. Once the slide blank has passed quality control, the slide is finish machined and professional DLC is applied per customer specification. The finished slide is put through final inspection, a channel liner is installed and the slide is packaged for shipment. Great care was taken throughout the entire slide design process along with extensive live fire testing in order to make sure our slides are second to none. Our Lifetime Warranty and the fact the entire slide is machined in the USA are just additional reasons you should buy a KAB slide.


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